Hiii!! My name is Solé, it’s pronounced “So-lay”. I’m a student in the Multimedia Arts and Design Academy at Santa Barbara High School. I enjoy doing many things from interacting with people to staying in bed all day. Two things I do love doing is braiding hair and going on social media, so I’ve decided to show you all what I’m capable of doing.

When it comes to braiding and I see a picture of a type of braid that I’m interested into doing, I can do it. The braids I do come out clean and tight, but if you’re wanting something loose and relaxing I can make it look like a good messy braid. But I am looking for new hair ideas! So if you have any in mind please comment below and I would like some feedback on what you think 🙂

I also was part of Flamenco Santa Barbara, a non-profit  organization. Giving entertainment of the art of dancing to the community.