So this braid isn’t really straight but I was doing Makayla’s hair in the dark. What I did was 2 Dutch braids under the ponytail. I got this idea from seeing another girl with this hairstyle. When I was doing Makayla’s hair it was during fourth period. All she was doing was talking about her ex Alex because she broke up with him the day before. She told me, when it was lunch to go to his house to convince him to go back to her. I went to his house and he’s like my best friend so we can literally talk about anything. So when I got to his, I first started eating his food then slowly asked him about Makayla and he said “What about her ?” I asked him if he would ever get back with and he said “Honestly no, because I never wanted to date her from the beginning or really liked her.” Makayla kept texting me and she kept assuming so many things, I started to get mad. She was saying that Alex was getting at me when Alex and I already had that talk and saying we don’t see each other like that. Then Makayla called me up crying because she kept hurting herself because of her assumptions. Makayla told me to leave because she was in tears. When I was leaving Alex told me to take her clothes, so I took them and Makayla threw them in the bushes. We went around the corner from his house and talked. I told her to suck it up because we had a game and I wanted her to have a positive attitude and bring her all at the game.

We were on our way to Nipomo. When we showed up Nipomo High School wasn’t even at their own home game, so we only played against Paso Robles. Well it was sad because every time we played against Paso we lost. But my experience with stunt was good I had lots of fun and created many memories. After our game Makayla’s mom took us to go get pizza and we saw some bomb baseball players. Then after we went home and I fell asleep 🙂

There’s always a story behind the braid(s). So leave a comment below and tell me what you think 🙂


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