So most of you know that my best friend Makayla had like dirty blond hair. She’s been saying she’s been wanting to dye her hair. Sooooo after my dance class on Saturday last week I went to her house and we talked about this guy I was talking to for a while and he decided to end things out of no where so he lied saying that I lied about something so he can be done with me, but in reality he texted Makayla saying I didn’t lie about anything he just didn’t want a thing or relationship. So when I found that out I honestly didn’t care anymore so I blocked him, he was a waste of me time anyways. But after all the boy stuff my sister wanted to come so Makayla’s mom, Makayla, and I went to go pick her up at my house. My sister Laila wanted to go see a movie and so did we so we decided to go see a movie at around 9pm but we had so much time, so during that time we dyed Makayla’s hair. So we went to CVS and got two boxes of hair dye to dye her hair. During the time I was dying Makayla’s hair we were FaceTiming our friends, Tyrone and Nazim. In the middle of dying Makayla’s hair you could already see the her hair changing. It was so crazy because I’ve only seen her with her dirty blond.

It was so weird seeing her with brown hair!! We were all so excited because it was a change for Makayla. After we dyed her hair we went down state street and killed some time before we went to the movies. So by the time the movies was about to start Laila didn’t want to watch the movie anymore. So we just walked around state street, got some Starbucks, and went into some stores. I texted one of my friends if they wanted to hangout and pick us up and he did. We hung out like all night. We went down the pier. Then we went to go hangout with some other friends, after we went to McDonalds. Lastly we went to the beach and sat in the sand ahahah. After the beach we all finally went home and it was like 12:45am. It was really late. So that’s the story behind this new brunette now!!

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Stunt Game

During spring break SBHS had their first stunt game. We had practice in the morning before we left to go to Paso Robles. Everyone was “claiming” me to do their hair because mostly everyone knows about my Blog. So after practice e everyone started to get ready and I wanted to do the people who ask their hair first before I had to start going from girl to girl on the bus. So our hair was a side French braid in a pony tail (shown above). I did my hair first before I did anyone because I didn’t want to worry about myself. When I was finally done with my hair and a couple other girls hair we had 5 minutes to get all of our stuff and to be on the bus. But the bus didn’t show up until like 20 minutes after we were up there. When we got on the bus people were already telling me “When are you going to do my hair?” I was kind of getting mad because we just got on the bus and I didn’t have much time to settle down and plus we had like a 3 hour bus ride ahead of us.

It was such a long bus ride I did a couple of the girls hair then I started getting car sick from moving to girl to girl. As we were on the bus and I was done with the girls hair my best friend Makayla and I started FaceTiming people and then that stopped because she had to go pee. So what she did was that she got a blenders cup from one of the girls who had blenders earlier and she peed in that cup on the bus. It was so gross!!! After her “restroom break” we started listening to music and going live on Instagram. When we finally got to Paso Robles High School, we stretched and warmed up our stunts. We had 2 games, one against Paso Robles and Arroyo Grande. It was our first game ever and Paso Robles is really good!! So we lost against them, but we beat Arroyo Grande.

When we were done with both games we left and we stopped at Wendy’s to get something to eat. That seriously took us like 40 minutes for everyone to get something. After everyone got something we were on our way home. We didn’t get to the high school until like 10:30pm. My mom was already there waiting for me and then she says we are going to McDonalds. So I got more to eat, but we didn’t get home until 11:30pm I was so tired when I got home I just passed out! that’s my story behind the braid at our Stunt Game.

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Why Not 4?

Today is like the best day of my life!! I was just feeling good since I woke up, but the only thing that was kind of ruining my at was my allergies! :(. I got up and went on my phone and checked all my notifications…I had so many because I went to bed early. After checking my notifications got up ate some cereal, procrastinated a bit and started getting ready. I had no clue what to where but what I saw and just put it on. When I got dressed I was thinking what I should do with my hair. I was thinking how everyone does the two braids on top then I told myself, why not 4? I wanted to change it up a bit and also to put a bun with the remaining hair. So that was my hairstyle for the day. I continued today with my older brother, Kyle, my little sister, Laila, and my mom. We were on our way to my other brothers court, but we left the house too early. So Laila decided to buy lunch because she’s been getting paid for a commercial she shot awhile ago. We got subway, ate there, and then left. When we left it was still too early so we went up state street very slow hahah. I was so embarrassed because my brother was sitting in the front and whenever he sits in the front he always plays the type of music I HATE which is like that Mexican music.

So when we finally got to my little brothers, Kevin, court I met up with my grandpa and then him and I were talking about what car I want because I’m barely getting my permit. While we were waiting for them to call Kevin, Kyle’s friends were showing up to show some support. His best friend John was playing with the building blocks that were in the waiting room. We were the last to go in the court room. When they finally called us the officer said “WOW! this is a big group”. The judge thought it was a private case so she tried kicking out his friends, but it was to the public so the attorney told the judge that. While the judge and the attorney were making agreements, I was just so nervous. But in the end they told us he was getting released to us but with the monitor on his ankle. Who cares at least he’s home now. After we got him we went to McDonalds then went home and ate. When we got home we were just catching up on a bunch of things. So this is the story behind the braid, the best day of my life!

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