Braided Headband

Last Thursday was picture day for stunt pictures. We had to take pictures at 8 in the morning!! We took a team picture and then we took individual pictures and those pictures took FOREVER! Do I mind you we started school at 8:44am because it was late start and we only had classes 2, 4, and 6. It was 8:30 when I was finally done with my pictures. I was so close to being late to 2nd period. In 2nd period we were just playing board games because most of the people was on the Sophomore Retreat, so since all of our classes are connected with MAD the same people were gone in all the classes so we weren’t really doing anything for about 3 days. But back to Thursday, after 2nd period it was seminar and I had to make up a math test. I know I failed that test because I haven’t been to school and I didn’t know anything. Then after seminar was 4th period, last class of the day!! We didn’t do anything in that class either, we just watched a movie. But then after 4th I remembered I had to make up another test *crying*. OH MY that test I for sure FAILED!! I seriously studied in 4th period, but I couldn’t remember anything!! I turned the test in with a couple of blank answers :/  It was 1:20 when I was done with the test and I met up with my friend Stephanie. We went to our coaches class room and we just chilled there until we had practice at 3:15. During that time while waiting I was so hungry so I was looking for money to go get some fries at Sal’s because I was CRAVING fries. I found money Stephanie came with me and then we came back to eat and then went to practice.

I always die at practice and always get hurt. When my mom picked me up from practice we had to go to Lompoc because we had to take my grandma home. On the ride to Lompoc I just fell asleep because my whole body was aching especially my knees. But when we got to Lompoc I woke up because I wanted to see my Nina I haven’t seen her in forever nor my cousin. We talked a bit, then we left because uhh I have school the next day and it was already going on 7 because of the stupid time change. When we got home I didn’t do any homework, I just put my stuff down and then took a shower. After i took a shower my sister took one and then my mom. When my sister got out she wanted to me to do her hair with the two braids on top. This style is really TRENDING!!

When my mom got out she said, “Do something with my hair” she said that because she didn’t want to feel left out because I had my hair done and so did my sister. So I decided to do this headband braid (shown above). I chose to do this because I haven’t really done anything like it so I thought it would be cool. So here’s the story behind the Braided Headband!

 There’s always a story behind the braid(s). So leave a comment below and tell me what you think 🙂


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