Waterfall of Parties!


This weekend we had a four day weekend which was Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off! My weekend started right after fourth period on Thursday because I don’t have a sixth period. So after fourth my best friend, Makayla and I went to her house to just chill. Right when we got to her house I realized I left my cheer bag in the office at school, so we decided to take her dog on the walk back to school to get my bag. We got to the school and got my bag and went back to her house. So then, you know how I was telling you about the problems with our exes. lol. Well my ex decides to snapchat Makayla with the Santa Barbara filter (due I mind you he lives in Carp). So then he sent her another snapchat with the State Street filter, so we decided to go down state street. But I told her we weren’t going to see him and his friends, but she still wanted to go look for shoes for winter formal this Saturday. As we were heading back to her house it started to rain on us. When we got to her house, I had to get my stuff because I was going to go home and get clothes for the night because I was spending the night. I went home got my clothes and waited for Makayla and her mom to pick me up. So when they picked me up we went to 7/11 and got something to drink for dinner. OH MY!! when we got to her house dinner was ready and we had some BOMB stake!! it was so good. After dinner we showered and then I put two French braids into Makayla’s hair, because she wanted to take pictures with her tapestry (as shown in the picture above). That night was so crazy hahah. We went to McDonalds to go hangout with our friends, Jesse and Juan at like 12 in the morning. We were out just hanging out til like 2 in the morning when Makayla and I go back we didn’t fall asleep til about 4 in the morning.


The next day, Friday we were on live on Instagram and Makayla was just being weird. So one of our friends, Nia, we haven’t seen in a while decided to watch and we told her to come over because Makayla wanted her to her makeup. She came over and then we were talking about her guy problems…some guys are just stupid! We waiting until my mom got off work so she can take us to my house but she didn’t get off until 6, so we had Makayla’s mom take and it was pouring so hard. We got to my house and Nia started to do Makayla’s makeup. So after we were done I asked my mom if I could spend the night at Nia’s house and so Makayla and I spent the night and that night was also crazy! That night Nia wanted me to do her hair, so I decided to do a waterfall braid (shown above). At Nia’s house we were going to go to a party, but we didn’t so we just had our own little party with the three of us. And so my ex sent another snapchat to Makayla that he was at In and Out in Goleta and she told him we were going to go there so I can give back his belongings he wanted back. By the time we were about to leave he said never mind and to keep the things, but we still went anyways because we wanted to get shakes.


We got back and wanted to take pictures so we had her brother take them hahah. We seriously took so many pictures it was insane. That night we didn’t go to bed like at 3 in the morning. We didn’t get any sleep that weekend. Oh and that night we had Super Cucas and I think that messed up all of our stomachs hahaha. After that night I didn’t get home til like 8pm the next day. That night Makayla and I went to the store to go get some chips, We were supposed to go to a party, but that didn’t happen. Later we decided to walk to my cousins house and then a couple of my friends drive up behind us and scared me so bad. I don’t know how they knew it was me?? We kept flashing the light in their eyes and they drove off lol. So we continued to walk and made it to my cousins house, but while we were waking I was snapchatting them we should’ve hung out and they should’ve picked us up. Like 5 minutes later they showed up to my cousins and we hung out and like about an hour and a half later they dropped us off at my house.


The next morning my cousin calls me up and tells me to go back to her house because another one of my cousins Angelique was there and I haven’t seen her in years!! So Makayla and I packed and went to her house. That night was pretty crazy!! My cousin started inviting people to my other cousin, Ashley’s house. Ashley was pissed because Angelique was inviting people without her permission and Angelique stole Ashley’s watch. That same night Ashley said Makayla and I could invite our friends because we were bored, so we invited the same people we hung out the night before. I would say this was a pretty intense weekend. But that was the whole story about the waterfall braids on my friend Nia and a little bit extra!

There’s always a story behind the braid(s). So leave a comment below and tell me what you think 🙂


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