An Adventure with Two Braids


Today was a crazy adventurous day with my friend Makayla Berry. We already planned that we were going to hangout this weekend, but we decided that I should do her hair and she wanted to do a photoshoot haha but that didn’t really happen. For Makayla’s hair she wanted to have cornrows, but we wanted to get our day started so she just wanted to two little braids on the top with the rest of her hair curled (as shown above). Since we didn’t actually know what we were going to do she just wanted her hair to be cute and fun. I think this type of style fits Makayla because she’s cute, petite, and sweet!


That day I did actually took a couple of pictures of her, but it wasn’t a type of photoshoot she wanted. lol. But what took our whole day was that we busted a mission, we walked from the East Side of Santa Barbara to the West Side. Before anything we had to go to the store to get something to drink because it was so hot, like come on I thought it was winter!! So we walked from 7-11 on Milpas all the way to East beach, then walked along the beach. On our walk we were just talking about all of our guy problems because hahaha we are both going through break ups right now. When we reached the pier we decided to walk along the pier. Then as we were looking over to the water we were both telling each others stories we had about the pier. We got to the end and decided to leave right after hahah.


After we left the pier we were walking along the West beach now. As we were walking we saw a couple of people we go to school with and we said hi and stuff, but proceeded walking. After all that walking we decided to go to SBCC to like take a break. Then we saw more people that we knew they were playing football. We walked all the way to the top of those stairs. It was so hot, it was insane. I brought my Polaroid and we took pictures of each on the top with the view of the beach in the back (the picture above is not the polaroid picture). We were up there for awhile just chillin and laying down getting a tan kind of hahaha. As we were up there my ex was snapchatting Makayla and he was in the ticket booth at Leadbetter Beach which is literally across the street!! He started saying all these things I was just getting so mad. So after I just called my mom to pick us up. But Makayla had to go to the bathroom and the only bathroom there was, was across the street, so I saw my ex and that brightened my day *sarcasm*.


We were waiting for my mom for like twenty minutes. I just wanted to go home and Makayla was just acting crazy. She was asking random people questions. She was also dancing really weird to some weird songs that I’ve never heard before. But at the end of the day this is Makayla sitting on a rock with the two braids and curls. You can have this style in all day! That was the Adventure with Two Braids!!

There’s always a story behind the braid(s). So leave a comment below and tell me what you think 🙂


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