Cornrows are fun!



The story behind this type of braid, cornrows, is that my sister, Annalisa, has been wanting them for the longest time ever, so she decided to come to me and ask me to do her hair. The process of putting the cornrows in felt like it took forever, but it only took like an hour to do her whole head, that’s including a little break after doing half of her head.  She left the cornrows in for a WEEK! She said her experience with having the cornrows in for a week wasn’t too bad to wear them out in public, but her friends weren’t used to her having that type of look. She didn’t care what people thought because she loved them. Annalisa wore them to school, practice, and to her basketball games. She also felt relieved that her hair wasn’t in her face. It wasn’t a problem for her to wash her hair.  You can still wash your hair like if your were washing your hair without braids. Cornrows are really fun to have. You can seriously where them to any event like a party, dance recital, or  you can even just wear them,  just to have them . The thing about cornrows is that it can take forever to put them in depending how thick or thin your hair is and the length of your hair. My sister just wanted the basic cornrows, her head full of straight cornrows, from the top of her head to the where her hair ends. There’s many ways you can have cornrows you can have a design, swirls, or you can just even have a few on either side of your head and have the rest of your hair free. Cornrows also can help for putting wigs on and  weaving extensions in. All in all anyone can rock cornrows, it doesn’t matter who you are. Have fun with your hair, when you’re having fun with you’re hair it doesn’t matter how short, long, thick, or thin your hair is, PLAY WITH IT!! try new things with your hair!

Thank you for reading, there will be different stories about braids coming soon!

There’s always a story behind the braid(s). So leave a comment below and tell me what you think 🙂


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